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6 Power Heat Treatment Machine(MH-506K)


기존 1차 전력을 절연 트랜스의 2차 전력을 위상 제어하여 저전압, 고전류를 활용한
SCR 방식과 TRANS 방식의 복합 일체형 열처리 장비입니다.

It is a complex all-in-one heat treatment equipment in an SCR type, which
utilizes low voltage and high current of the existing primary power by controlling
the phase of the secondary power of an insulation transformer, and a trans type.




    Power Source

  AC 380V/440V 50/60Hz 3P 70kva(Order)   
  AC 220V 50/60Hz 3P 70kva


  AC 0 ~ 85V/0 ~ 100A/6Ch.


  640㎜(W) × 670㎜(D) × 1,420㎜(H)



    Control Type

  Sensing Range

  0 ~ 1200℃ K' Type

  Program Control

  0 ~ 50mA/1Ptn. or Order

  Output Control

  ON/OFF or SCR Phase Control

  Differential Control

  -50 ~ +50℃

    Safety System

  Over Load Protector(150Amp Limit/Alarm)
  Ground Fault(500mA)

    Cooling System

  Air Cooling

    Insulation Resistance

  200㏁ Minimum(600V DC Megger Test)
  Ground Electric Leak(100mA)

    Operating Temperature

  0 ~ +55℃(Without Freezing)

    Operating Humidity

  35 ~ 87% RH(No Condensation)