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Program Regulator(MH-HRG70)


위상 제어 방식으로 MH-RG60S의 기능을 포함하여 대용량의 히터를 제어하기에

적합한 기기입니다.

By using a phase control method, including the ability of the MH-RG60S

capacity to control the heater appropriate equipment.




    Power Source

  AC 380V/440V 50/60Hz 2P 70kva
  AC 220V 50/60Hz 2P 35kva


  AC 0~440V/0~160A
  AC 0~220V/0~160A


  235㎜(W) × 400㎜(D) × 295㎜(H)



    Internal Temperature Controller

  Sensing Range

  0 ~ 1200℃ K' Type

  Control Type


  Temp. Controller

  Model : HY-1000/HY-72D Other

    Input Temperature Protector

  Sensing Range

  0 ~ 1200℃ K' Type

  Protector Type

  0.5Amp/DC 500mV

  Resisting Pressure

  ADC 750V/1min

    Control Type

  ON/OFF(S. C. R. Phase Control)

    External Input

  Relay Input(ON/OFF)

    Safety System

  Ground Fault(350~900mA)

    Cooling System

  Air Cooling

    Insulation Resistance

  200㏁ Minimum(600V DC Megger Test)
  Ground Electric Leak(100mA)

    Operating Temperature

  0 ~ +45℃(Without Freezing)

    Operating Humidity

  35 ~ 87% RH(No Condensation)