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Temperature Program Controller(MH-PDC6)


Portable Temp. Program Controller는 경량으로 이동 설치가 간편하고 1Pattern의
Program과 Analog 방식의 편차조절계를 채택함으로써 사용 방법이 편리하며
Power Regulator(MH-RG60) 6대를 동시에 제어할 수 있습니다.
특히, 각 Channel의 입력 및 출력이 서로 절연되어 있어 Noise에 의한 상호간섭에

It is the portable temperature program controller and is easy to move and install
because of the light weight. It adopts a pattern program and a analog type
differential controller, so it can control 6 sets of power regulator(MH-RG60)
Especially, It is less affected by interference since the input and output channels
are insulated from each other.




    Power Source

  AC 220V 50/60Hz 2P 60VA


  ON/OFF Relay(250V/ 5A)


  335㎜(W) × 400㎜(D) × 385㎜(H)



    Sensing Range

  0 ~ 1200℃ K' Type(0 ~ 50mV)

    Control Type

  Differential Control -50℃ ~ +50℃

    Input Protector

  Under 500mV/Over 500mA

    Operating Temperature

  0 ~ +45℃(Without Freezing)

    Operating Humidity

  35 ~ 87% RH(No Condensation)

    Program Setter





  Up Rate

  0 ~ 999℃/hr

  Keep Rate

  0 ~ 999℃/hr

  Keep Temperature

  0 ~ 1,200℃/hr

  Keep Time

  0 ~ 99.9/hr

    Differential Controller


  Relay Output(AC 250V/ 5A)

  Control Scale

  -50℃ ~ +50℃

  Analog Output Adjustment Range


  Indicator Output